Thursday, April 11, 2013

Summer Skin Products that will make you glow!

Winter is the worst season for my skin. As a person who gets bad Eczema in the winter, it certainly is refreshing when Spring and Summer hit. When the rashes finally go away and the medication cream gets put up back on the shelf, that's when I break out my favorite creams! I use the following creams religiously, and they actually give awesome results.

If anyone is a fan of healthy, glowing skin- I highly recommend these two products. They work wonders and you'll never stop touching yourself! (Ok, that sounded disgusting).

Oil of Olay Regenerist Night Cream

Apply: At night, preferably after you shower and have cleansed your face.
Price: Ranging from $18.00 to $20.00, but there are generic brands that are affordable around $10.00. If you are from the Western, NY area, Wegmen's has a fantastic brand.

This is the outcome of using Night Cream Regenerator for a few weeks A nice healthy glow and no blemishes in sight.

Last year, I did an experiment where I used Night Cream Regenerator for a week and see if I could see a distinct difference. The before picture is before I put ANY cream on what so ever, and the after picture is a week later. There is a noticeable difference in the face. It's much more colorful, glowing and lifted in the right picture.

Vaseline Cocoa Butter
 Apply: Usually I apply this after showers. Morning or night is fine. It is a bit greasy at first but once it settles in, it's smooth sailing...literally! 
Price: Affordable. Depends on the tube that you get. Ranges from $4 -$8, depending on the size of the tube.

This is an old picture,but is a prime example of what many months of cocoa butter can do for you.
 Love the glow! Perfect for summer!

This is a current picture of my legs. Shiny and ready for a bathing suit! :)

And although this was more of a beauty post, I'm still going to go ahead and make it a part of Fashion Friday. :-)

Until next time, I leave you all with this!

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  1. I'm jealous; your legs do look Summer ready! Mine are horrible (pale and dry) and don't get me started on my feet! I don't want to scare you ;o) Let's just say I need a pedicure!


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