Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pouty Lips Obsessed.

I never fully became a fan of  'pouty lips' until I started dating my now fiance, Brian. He has big and full lips, and it's made me have a love for lips that I had never had before. I know lips happen to be a very desirable body part, but I never really noticed them all too much before that.

Now, when I see a set of nice, pouty lips on a good looking person, that is it. I am in love!

Here are my picks for top 5 poutiest lips in Hollywood and people I just can't keep my eyes off of...including their big, juicy, beautiful pillow lips!

1. Angelina Jolie

2. Tom Hardy

3.Lana Del Rey

4. Michael Pitt

5. Felicity Jones


And here are Brian's lips.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hair Styles and Veils!

Alright, I'm thinking of a birdcage veil. Have any of you ever worn one or know anyone that has? How comfortable are they? I love the way they look, but I'm not ruling out traditional veils just yet! I plan on trying them all out!!!

Let me know which ones you like!

As for hairstyles, I'm going for very traditional and elegant! I want to look like I don't usually look. No high updo's or pony tail. I was thinking a low elegant updo, flowers and I'm even thinking some braids or cool twists. Here are some ideas of the type of hairstyles that I like for the big day!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wedding Dresses GALORE.

Hey everyone! How's it going?! I decided to write each post about something specific (Dresses, Shoes, Flowers, etc...) So today, I will be posting some wedding dresses that I absolutely LOVE!!! Feedback is very much necessary. No negative please! If you don't like any- That's fine! Just try not to be disrespectful. :) I haven't even started to try on dresses yet and am still enjoying my engagement before things get hecktic- so window shopping it is for now! I am just browising for ideas and have gotten a sense of what I really, really like.

So enjoy!


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