Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Capitalism: A Love Story by Michael Moore: Review


Every citizen that actually cares about where this country is heading should see this movie. 

I saw this movie in my Sociology class today. I know it's just one side of the story with the economical disaster that has come of America, but boy did this documentary suck me right in. I grew up poor, with lower class working parents that busted their butts just to put dinner on the table for my brother and I. It wasn't until I was in high school that I actually started to notice how bad that they were really struggling. I noticed by the end of the week we'd run completely out of money, and would have to scrounge the cabinets just to get dinner. By my senior year, we got evicted out of the house my parents owned because we just couldn't keep up.

This documentary really hit home for me. It made me angry. It made my eyes water during times. In the beginning of the documentary, it follows a couple that were home owners and working class citizens, who have their home taken away from them. What really gets me is that the banks that host these mortgages have more money than they know what to do with, so whats throwing 1,000 dollars at this poor desperate couple? They'll do anything for money at this point, why not make the monkeys dance?!  They send them a check of 1,000 to clean the house out and get it ready to sell. So not only is this older couple getting evicted from the home that they have owned all of their life, but they have to clean it spotless as well. How cruel and embarrassing. 1,000 dollars? I felt so bad for this couple because the wife said that the land (farm) had been in her family for four decades and due to the economy going down in the hole they just couldn't keep up with everything anymore. And this was not people abusing the system, or slumming it. These were two hard working people who just couldn't make ends meet. 

So why is it like this? 
How did we get like this?

Michael Moore explains through out the documentary that the rich people have all of the power and thrive on it. If you are born into money, you will have money. If you aren't born into money, well good luck catching up with the rest of the big guys, but it's very unlikely.

In the beginning the film, Michael Moore talks about how Capitalism isn't anything how it used to be when he was growing up. In fact, Capitalism had pretty much a different definition because many of the citizens back in the 60's enjoyed Capitalism. Men had stable jobs,  mom could work if she wanted to, but didn't necessarily had to, families had enough money to go on vacation and buy their groceries without any government help, and their pensions were all safe and sound. He talks about how Capitalism now favors the rich, and the rich get even more rich for just being....well, rich. He also talks about how banks and big cooperation make money by scamming the lower and middle class citizens, especially when they are in desperation (which most of them are financially). This is absolutely absurd and I have a few things to say to these kind of people!

Also, they talk a little about how death is a big business in the United States. This is fucking insane. Cooperations such as WALMART and AT&T (just to name a few) take out insurance on their employees and if someone dies while working for them they can make a huge profit off of it. Michael Moore visits a family and they tell the story of their wife/mother who died while being a Walmart employee. The poor husband had to pay for all of the expenses out of pocket, but Walmart received 81,000 dollars. The husband said he did not see a dime of the money nor any help from Walmart.

Fuck you, Walmart!

Really? A huge corporation with plenty of money to spare and then some couldn't help pay for the expenses of her funeral, or helped the family out in any way? 

I just can't believe this is legal.

This is just a few of the bullshit things that happened in the movie, but there were plenty more. 

It terrifies me. I was born into no money, but am getting a college education through loans because I couldn't afford to pay for it all out of pocket. Knowing I am going to owe some of these nasty coops more money than I could ever imagine someday makes me sick. 

What a toilet hole we life in.

Michael Moore concludes  that Capitalism is evil at it's finest, and is very unpatriotic as well. He emphasizes on how Capitalism shouldn't be regulated, but terminated completely. And I am going to have to agree with this one.

So there are two sides to every story, and the one negative thing I have to say about this movie is that is may have been much too stereotypical at times. I mean- not all rich people are money hungry assholes, right? Just like all poor people are not drug addicts that abuse the system. But honestly who can blame these people that do? When your country feels like you make no contribution (unless you're dead), it doesn't necessarily make you feel like a go-getter anyway.

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