Sunday, March 10, 2013

Oz, The Great and Powerful: Movie Review.


I have to tell you that I have waited to see this movie for six months now. When I first found out that one of my favorite actresses was playing one of my favorite villians of all time. I could barely keep it in my pants for this role! I saw the movie last night with my boyfriend. I must honestly say, it did not dissapoint! Here's my take on the new hit: Oz, The Great and Powerful.

There were a few things that I had a problem with. Very few. However, for the most part- it was a very satisfying prequel and sets up the story real nice for the original classic, The Wizard of Oz.

One of of few problems that I had with this movie is I felt like the storyline happened way too fast. Young & naive witch,Theodora, (who eventually transitions into the Wicked Witch of the West, thanks to her evil with of a sister Elenora) meets Oz first. You can tell that she is smitten by him from the get-go. However, Oz, a known con man and womanizer, tries all the tricks he can that's used on his "other women". Theodora seems to take a liking to the con man magician, but it seems as if there is not enough of a relationship established that sets it up for the rest of the movie.

When Theodora eventually does become "wicked", Elenora plays a huge part in it by giving her a "wicked" apple to bite. This transitions her into the green, ugly wicked witch of the west that we all know. From this point on, some of the things that Theodora says or does doesn't really make any sense to me. She acts like a jealous woman that is scorned by Oz's love and "betreyal". When in reality, Oz just realizes that he was tricked into thinking the evil witches were good, and that Glenda, the good witch was bad.

Anyways, this was the only negative thing that I noticed about the movie, but to be honest, if they would have tried to fix this issue it would have only made the movie even longer.

Other than that, who noticed that the glass little girl resembled the girl in the wheelchair at the beginning of the movie? The girl in the wheelchair asked Oz to make her walk, and was booed off stage when he was unable to make that happen. Later in the movie, he meets the little China doll girl and glues her legs back on. I thought that was sweet. I adored that little character.

Also, Zach Braff as Finley the flying monkey was priceless. He made me laugh the most throughout the entire movie.

The graphics were beautiful. I felt like I was on some hydroponic drugs at times.

I also loved the beginning of the movie and how it was in black and white, and instead of just putting it in color like the original when Dorthy arrives in Oz, they modernize it by also making it wide screen AND in color. Loved that!!!

All in all, two thumbs up from me!


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  2. Now, it would have to be a prequel to the book, not the original movie, because the Judy Garland version made it clear that she was having a real kick-ass LSD trip of a fever dream. She woke up and there was everyone, no ambiguity. Weird, right?

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