Thursday, March 7, 2013

Friday Fashion's first post.

Welcome to Fashion Friday!

I'm going to start making some more concrete hours and posts having to do with this blog. So I have created twice a week postings. This one being, Fashion Friday. To even it out, I'm thinking about a Tutorial Tuesday? What do ya'll think?

This doesn't mean that these are the only two exclusive things that I will be talking about. That would just be boring. I will still post about different happenings and whenever I want. This isn't a strict schedule. These are just two of the things I enjoy talking about, and figured this type of schedule will keep me writing more. It will be weekly, but never both the days.  For example, this is my post for Friday. This Tuesday I will do a Tutorial Tuesday, but the following Friday there will be no Fashion Friday.

Confused? I have made a calender so that everyone knows what day is which!

Some of my favorite outfits.

This lace pullover is long and great to wear with a cami and leggings. I am a big fan of brown, hence the knee high boots and tank. Great for any event, from a first date to a first day of school.

This was my past year's Birthday outfit. For some reason, I am a real big sucker for brown and turquoise blended together. Here, I am wearing a lace brown dress shirt, over a tank (white or brown), and simple black leggings with any boots of your choice. Necklace is from Avon, ring is from Forever 21. 

Love light sweaters/long sleeve shirts. I wore my mustard colored scarf with this colorful striped shirt (both bought from Target) because it really brings out the strips in my shirt. 

This was one of my favorite looks from the Fall time. I kind of look like an art teacher, but a cool one at that! Denim on denim looks real stupid, so as you see, I'm wearing leggings again. Leggings are great... as long as they are worn with a shirt that covers your bum. Don't ever wear them as pants. Just don't ever.

This sheer mini skirt from H&M really won me over on the rack, my boyfriend didn't like it until I tried it on, however. Its a three quarter sleeve and flaired. Beautiful for any Holiday occasion or party. Can be worn in both Spring or Fall. (Don't wear knee high boots in the spring, stick to a nice black pair of flats. Do not wear flip flops with leggings. :-)

                                                       Some shoes for the Spring-time!

Items on my Wish-List!


  1. Great photos :)

    Following you now :)

  2. It's an amazing idea to have a schedule like that - especially since I really LOVE your style and your make up is OMG!!!

  3. Magdalena- Thank you very much! I'm also following you! :-)

    Maria Sself- Thanks for the lovely compliments! Definitely made me smile!!! :-)

  4. hi dear! i just found your blog and i love it! great post!! would you like to follow each other? i always return the follow :)


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