Saturday, November 26, 2011

What Would Donna Martin Do?

First, I love this feature! I'm embarrassed to admit how much I loved the original 90210 (or nine-ought-deuce-ten as no one ever called it). I found your blog through FTLOB comment love day. Here's my conundrum:

I live in an apartment complex and my neighbor passive-aggressively left their garbage in front of our door (in a tied bag, but still). I know it was them. What do I do in retaliation? What would Donna do?


Hey Pickleope! First of all, let me thank you for being my very first WWDMD question ever. I am honored and I am so excited for the out come of this weird little side project that I thought of while sorting through my 10 season Beverly Hills 90210 DVD collection.

Anyway, onto your conundrum... I have to say, as a person that has lived in apartments pretty much her whole life... Holy craziness! Um, at least they had the decency to tie it and put it in a bag?

Okay, so there pretty much is no bright side to this situation. I'll tell you what Donna Martin would do though. She'd go right out to your local grocery or corner store and buy those neighbors a garbage can! If you can't beat em, then join em! However, I say retaliation is DEFINITELY in order! It amazes me the way some adults act sometimes. I get really angry when we can't all act our age! So angry that sometimes I flip on my child switch as well. Uncalled for? Maybe! Funny? Always. If you want to get this schmuck back... here's a little list of things that I would do!

Why don't you show them who's boss by putting a "passive aggressive" message on your door? Or, you could go the extra mile and pretend the garbage is yours. Why would you do something like this? To make them extremely uncomfortable that is! Don't just pretend it's about it frequently and unusually! Let's be honest, these are all ridiculous methods and probably stuff you will never try (but if you do, definitely let me know how it works out!). This is one hell of a situation to diffuse and I hope it turns out in your favor! 


  1. Truly sound advice. I like the idea of leaving a new garbage can in front of their door. This I might actually try because it takes their passive aggression and turns it into active friendliness (with a touch of "I got my eye on you").
    I love this and look forward to more people getting their problems solved (or possibly exacerbated) by the life lessons of Donna Martin.

  2. Quite the conundrum....Im pretty sure she would make the neighbor wait an inordinate amount of time for sex.


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