Saturday, November 5, 2011

Advice Column

What Would Donna Martin Do?

Hey everyone! I thought I'd start up something a little different, since it's during the school year and my mind is usually elsewhere. I thought for a few posts here and there (not consecutively or all of the time) that I'd do an advice column, where someone (could be anonymous) sends me a problem or situation they are having through via email and I will answer it to the best of my abilities. It can be absolutely anything! I'm ready for it!

I decided to call this section of my blog "What Would Donna Martin Do?"
But I will be answering them ;) Would you like to help me out? 
I know it's new and you're probably hesitant, so what I wanna do is
gladly make you my Blog of The Week, or give you a Guest post if you participate!
Your choice!

Send an email over to with your problem/situation!


  1. This is a cute idea :D

  2. Thank you so much for featuring See Beautiful as your blog of the week! We're absolutely honored!

    As for your WWDM? prompt, well, we think she'd follow your blog and See Beautiful asap. ;)

    happy seeing beautiful!

  3. Love this as an unabashed fan of 90210 (Degrassi a close second). Hopefully you can help with my conundrum I sent.

  4. Love this idea! Now lemme think of questions....
    oh ps, hi from blog comment day xo-liz

  5. What a great idea! And who doesn't know who Donna is?! ;)

  6. hahaha that is a really good idea it. Way to make it much more interesting by tying in such a fun character too :) I look forward to seeing how that goes!

  7. what an awesome idea!!! i used to love reading up advice columns... soemtimes i agree with the person giving the advice but sometimes, i also tend to think something else could be done. i look forward to seeing your advice on these ones!!!

    elaine @

  8. As a fan of the original and also the new 90210, I think you have the perfect mascot for this idea! Have fun with it!

    Showing some comment love from FTLOB

  9. Just popping by again to thank you so much for featuring See Beautiful as your blog of the week. It means more than you know! You rock (and see lots of beautiful!).

  10. Hope your weekend was great! First time through your blog. Looking forward to coming back and reading some more.


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