Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hungry, Hungry Hippos!

Additional News: We just reached our 50th follower and 10th blog post! So here is a special post about one of my favorite treats. I hope that you enjoy looking at this picture as much as I do. 

What a silly looking bunch of hippos. :o)

Hippo Cupcake Recipe


So my boyfriend and I decided to get in touch with our inner child not too long ago, and this is the concoction that we eagerly attempted. Little known embarrassing fact about me: my boyfriends "pet name" for me is Baby Hippopotamus. So, when I saw this delicious recipe- It's safe to say that I could not pass it up. This was our first attempt to make them, not exactly the finest bakers; however, we've made them since- and each time they have come out better.

What you will need: 

Nutter Butters (Face)
Apple Jacks (Nostrils and ears)
Mini Chocolate Chips (Eyes)
Vanilla Frosting (Eye ball and adhesive for the chocolate eyes)
Cupcake Batter (of your choice, but preferably white/yellow)
Blue Food Dye (For the cupcake frosting/it is suppose to resemble water)

  • Bake cupcakes as directed, and let cool off for twenty minutes.
  • Take out a cup of vanilla frosting for the eye ball adhesive.
  • Mix the rest of the frosting with the blue dye to a light/dark blue (your choice).
  • Spread the blue frosting on the cupcake.
  • Take a Nutter Butter and stick the half upper part of it to the center of the cupcake (So that the bottom half and hanging off a little bit).
  • Take the white frosting and dab a little on where you would stick the chocolate eyes and cereal nostrils.
  • Then stick the chocolate eyes where desired, and the cereal nostrils where desired. 
  • Stick the cereal ears at the top of the Nutter Butter/Hippo head and Voila! You've just made the most adorable cupcake in the world.
It's not rocket science,
but it sure is delicious and great to make with the kids!

I shared my recipe with For The Love of Blogs today.


  1. I love nutter butters! And hippos.

  2. YUM and FUN! Channeling your inner child is the best!

  3. oh my gosh these are so stinkin cute! must make these! thanks for the sweet idea. found ya on for the love of blogs comment day :)

    :: Emily


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