Thursday, August 11, 2011

20 (most played) songs on my ipod.

I've been listening to a lot of my playlists lately; a little more than usual. I've decided to put together a bunch of songs that I can never get enough of. These are the songs that make me dance in my underwear in front of my mirror while my boyfriend is at work.

Originally, I just wanted to do ten; however, that didn't work out. The list just grew bigger and bigger. So here is a list of twenty songs that are on repeat on my ipod. They are in no particular order!

Oh yeah. there are only a handful of new-age songs on here. I'm kind of an old geyser at heart and classic rock owns my soul. So if you're expecting new songs - head over to or something!

1. "Modern Love" by David Bowie

2. "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John

3. "The End of Heartache" by Killswitch Engage

4. "Unholy Confessions" by Avenged Sevenfold

5. "23" by Jimmy Eat World

6. "Barely Breathing" by Duncan Sheik

7. "Here Comes My Girl" by Tom Petty

8. "Remedy" by The Black Crowes

9. "Heaven Beside You" by Alice in Chains

10. "Machine Gun Funk" by Biggie

11. "39" by Queen

12. "Love me Dead" by Ludo

13. "I Don't Love You" by My Chemical Romance

14. "Tangerine" by Led Zeppelin

15. "5150" by Van Halen

16. "Instant Karma" by John Lennon

17. "Man Who Sold The World" by Nirvana

18. "You Kill Me" by Paper Route

19. "Fearless" by Pink Floyd

20.  "In the Flesh" by Pink Floyd

Here is a bonus song that has currently been revived among my playlist:


  1. I like your eclectic taste. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, I don't know any of these. I like my taste in music but I am also woefully deprived in many aspects. Very excited to hear that Jimmy Eat World has a song called "23"'s my favorite number. Will definitely check this out. Combine that song with Coldplay's "42" and I could complete my quest to make a LOST-themed playlist :D

    Really liking this idea for a blog entry...just might steal it. With your permission of course :P


  3. Of course you can take it, go nuts with it! Deffffinitely listen to the song 23, it is one of my favorites! I love it. :-)

    I'd be happy to see your post when it's out!

  4. Popping by from FTLOB! LOVING the playlist! What fun!

  5. Haha, I really don't know any of these songs but I will search for them on Youtube and give them a listen.
    Love that video <3

  6. Unholy Confessions is amazeballs! I think that's the only song that I have on my mp3 player in common with you :P

  7. tiny dancer is one of my favourite songs<3 i like your music taste!

  8. Stealing this idea!!!! And wow, very original taste!


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