Friday, April 19, 2013

My workout playlist.

With summer around the corner, I've found myself working out more and taking care of myself. There's nothing like taking a good walk or jog! Here you will find some of my favorite tunes to work out or cardio-walk and jog to. 
Some are current, some are old. Most. 


1. "I Don't Care" -Iconic Pop


2. "Locked Out Of Heaven" -Bruno Mars

 3. "Modern Love" -David Bowie

4. "Since You're Gone." -Taking Back Sunday

5. "Firework" -Katy Perry

6. "Fat Bottomed Girls" -Queen

7. "Low" -Cracker

8. Semiotic Love" -Blaqk Audio

9. "Shake it Out" -Florence and the Machine.

10. "Smile Like You Mean It" T
he Killers.


  1. Good on you working on self-improvement. Now pardon me as I have Doritos for breakfast. Weird thing: As you scroll down this post, it looks like David Bowie is shrugging his shoulders.

  2. ..thanks for visiting my blog..i also love your following you..
    ..keep blogging.. :)

  3. Thanks for this playlist! I have been planning to add some new music to my workout playlist for a while now.

  4. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Shake it out is one of my favorite work out songs too! New follower :)

  5. Great Playlist.
    Inspired me.


  6. Going to have to steal this workout playlist I think, love the Bowie touch! Great blog, Emily xx

  7. Ah - I need to do this!! Currently I've just been playing through all of the music on my phone at random. Which is sometimes fine - but when "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" by Death Cab comes on in the middle of my sweating on the eliptical . . . it kinda kills the mood.

    AND - I love "I Don't Care"!!

    ...stopping by from 20SB!


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