Saturday, February 16, 2013

Vintage 50's make up tutorial.

Today I'm going to be showing you how to do a vintage 50's make up tutorial. Being a person that's not all that well versed or equipped  with putting make up on, I did run into some problems. Nothing a normal girl couldn't fix though! Hope you enjoy this as much as I did! Be sure to check out my comments below each picture on how to apply.

I apply both of these foundations. First, the liquid and then the powder. I apply much less powder, and basically use it as a buffer and coater.

I've messed with my eyebrows for so long. First, I waxed, then shaved.Shaving was the worse decision I ever made. Plucking is what I do now and as long as I fill in my eyebrows, I am pretty happy with them. It's rather easy and it looks flattering and natural... unlike filling it in with eyeliner.

I use this Revlon primer which is a cream, before I apply my white powder eye shadow. White eye shadow is key to the 50's vintage look. I think that without it, it just doesn't look complete.

Winging your eye lids is also crucial to completing the 50's look. Since my eyelids are uneven and one is hooded, I only put eye liner on the outer portion of my eye. It actually works out pretty well and doesn't smudge.

I have short eye lashes due to a hair disorder I had when I was a kid. I used to pick out all of my eye lashes and knot my hair. It was awful and I lost a lot of volume in my eye lashes and almost went bald because of it. I'm happy to say that I have broken the habit and haven't touched my eyelashes or knotted my hair in  almost two years. Curling my eyelashes makes me feel prettier. Full and long eye lashes is definitely something that I wish I had!

Red lips are very important when doing the 50's vintage look. Also any pinks.

And here is the final product! Don't forget to complete your look with the Monroe mole on your cheek. Once you've got that down, you're just about done and ready to go swing dancing!


  1. Wow! The final result is very appealling. I love it. The Red Lips really suits you. Totally.
    Amazing tutorial :)


  2. This makeup is like a dream! I'm dying to have one like that sometime:-(


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