Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Same Sex Crushes (Brian vs. Kristin)

Brian's Top Five Celebrity Man Crushes
With Feedback By Kristin

Hey, everyone, it’s Kristin’s boyfriend Brian here. This is a rather, um, interesting blog concept that Kristin has in mind. I have no issues participating and actually think it’ll be pretty fun, but I thought I’d give a little introduction before revealing my top 5 guy crushes. First I wanna point out that although I’ll admit to having “guy crushes”, I really don’t have any sexual tendencies towards men in the slightest (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). But that doesn’t mean I can’t find certain guys dreamy! You’ll probably notice a pattern in that I have a “type” of guy so to speak. However, a lot of the criteria that I used in judging for my top 5 is based on more than just looks, because I’m not a superficial bitch. :-)

Without further ado, here is Brian’s Top 5 Man Crushes:

5. John Nolan (Guitarist/Co-vocalist of Taking Back Sunday)

This was a difficult call for the coveted #5 slot in my top 5, and I realize that a lot of readers may not know who John Nolan is really. Basically, he’s the original guitarist and co-vocalist for one of my favorite bands. While John is obviously a handsome fellow, part of the reason I picked him is because he looks like a normal everyday dude except for the fact that he’s phenomenally talented. John Nolan is pretty much everything I want to be; he’s an amazing songwriter, a talented singer/guitarist, and he has a great head of hair. If I could have just one of those things, I’d take the hair.

Kristin's Feedback: Taking Back Sunday is one of my favorite bands as well. I'm gonna have to agree with Brian, in thinking that this guy is phenomenally talented. I think he's adorable and the perfect boy next door. He's hands down a hottie, and my panties are off.

4. Russell Brand (Actor/Comedian/Former Sexer of Katy Perry)

Russell Brand is one of those people that you either love or you hate without much room for anything in between. Personally, I think he’s good looking, hilarious, and ridiculously charming with his smooth talking and wonderful British accent. I love that he rocks the rockstar image without actually being a rockstar. A lot of my friends used to tell me that I reminded them of Russell Brand in both looks and personality. Of course, they’re giving me way too much credit, but I’ll take it.

Kristin's Feedback: I don't know why any woman, including a sexy lady such as Katy Perry, would want to shack up with this guy. Sure, he is hilarious and his British accent is annoyingly adorable, but to have sex with him? Has anyone ever read his book? I'm sure you'd change your mind!  I'll keep my panties on for this one, and probably lock my bedroom door so that he doesn't sneak in my room and give me genital warts.

3. John Mayer (Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Current Sexer of Katy Perry)

Katy Perry sure knows how to pick ‘em, doesn’t she? Despite the reputation as the worst (or best?) kind of womanizer there is, Mayer still managed to bag one of the hottest women on the planet in Katy Perry. John Mayer is the only man that can sing a song as cheesy as “Your Body is a Wonderland” and still make panties drop everywhere he goes. On top of his cheesy lyrics and charming singing style, Mayer is literally one of the best guitarists of our generation. No, really, he is. I would kill to be able to play the blues anywhere near the level John Mayer plays on. And let’s face it, the guy’s a freakin’ dreamboat!

Kristin's Feedback: John Mayer is so hot! Talented guitar player + Sleeve Tattoos + Dreamy voice + Hot bod= Kristin's panties missing. I can't get enough of this guy. He's incredibly talented, which makes him incredibly hot. People can talk all they want about how he's a womanizer, yet woman continue to date him, and now he has bombshell Katy Perry. So who's fault is this all really? He's gotta be doing something right!

2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Actor)

This one’s a relatively new one for me. The reason JGL made it all the way to number 2 in my top 5 is almost completely because of one movie: 500 Days of Summer. In it, JGL plays the love interest of another of my top babes, Zooey Deschanel. The baby-faced charmer puts on such a performance that I found myself actually bitter with Deschanel’s character when she turned him down. Believe me, it’s not easy to cause me to have any ill feelings towards Zooey Deschanel. The things I would do to that girl… but that’s a whole different blog!

Kristin's Feedback:  I'm gonna have to completely agree with Brian again, this guy is a real babe! I love his babyface looks and really dig his quirky, shy and adorable character in 500 Days of Summer. This cutie really knows how to carry himself, and is actually a really talented musician as well! Panties off!

1. Davey Havok (Singer/Songwriter of AFI and Blaqk Audio)    

This is one of my longtime man crushes right here. Davey Havok is a straight-edge atheist who I firmly believe has one of the best voices in modern rock. His song writing style isn’t for everybody, but I love it. As far as his looks go, the guy is a stud. You don’t get the full gist just from this picture, but do yourself a favor and google-image this dude. The guy has tattoos pretty much from the neck down, a great sense of style, and he’s one of few guys that can really pull off makeup when he wants to. No matter what phase or look he goes through, Davey Havok is a hot dude. Yeah, I said it.

Kristin's Feedback: Brian knows I'm torn on this one. In some ways, Davey Havok just doesn't do it for me. However, I may be lying through my panties right now as I speak. I'd hit this vegan meat all day and all night if it meant getting to stare at that hot tattooed body from the neck down. The one thing that doesn't do it for me is that he has sort of a feminine face to me, and with long hair it would just... hey wait. Maybe that's why Brian digs him? Because he's a hot chick?

Panties half off, then back on. ;-)

Kristin's Top Five Celebrity Girl Crushes
With Feedback By Brian

Alright readers! You’ve seen my boyfriend rank his top five guy crushes and you’ve seen my comments on whether I agree or disagree. So now it’s time to switch the game around and let me in on this awesomeness! Now, Brian made sure to clarify that he had no sexual interest of the same gender, however, I cannot clarify the same thing. Some of the girls on my list are just too booty-licious and have awesome boobs. How can I not think of them that way?
Alright! Enough blabbing. Here are my top five celebrity girl crushes.

5. Emma Stone (Actress)

Emma Stone is definitely one of my newer girl crushes and brings a whole new meaning to the word GINGER. She is just so gorgeous. I am a huge fan of her personality, and to have a personality like hers and to be equally as good looking = five stars all across the board.

Brian's Feedback: Ooo, this one caught me off guard a little. We actually just talked about Emma Stone today because Easy A was on TV. I'm a little bit torn here; part of me thinks she's incredibly sexy, but to be honest, I kinda think she's a bit weird looking. Great personality and I dig the red hair, but I really don't like her much as a blonde (which is what she's been lately) and she doesn't have the kind of body I look for in a girl. I'll somewhat reluctantly keep my boxer-briefs on for this one.

4. Katy Perry (Pop Singer)

My boyfriend is going to be very happy with this choice. Black hair, pale skin and big boobs? Just his type!  After watching the Grammys last week, I can’t help but to drool all over this woman. I mean, look at her. She’s perfect from head to toe.

Brian's Feedback: Yes, yes, yes and yes. Look at those boobs! If this was my list, Katy Perry would likely be number 1. I mean, she's basically a famous version of Kristin. Beautiful face with black hair and an absolutely bangin' body. Have I mentioned she has a phenomenal rack? Seeing how millions of guys drool over Katy Perry makes me realize how lucky I am to have Kristin. My boxer-briefs are off instantaneously. Oh and by the way, those boobs!

3. Mila Kunis (Actress)

I absolutely love Mila Kunis and think she is just about one of the most gorgeous creatures to walk the face of this earth. I have a thing for exotic looking girls.  Her eyes are mesmerizing to me, and those lips... I’ll kiss this girl, and I will like it!

Brian's Feedback: And I'll watch Kristin kiss a girl, and I'll like it! I am a fan of Mila Kunis for sure. She's got that sexy exotic kind of look to her that I know Kristin is very fond of and I definitely approve of as well. My only real complaint is that she's a little bit flat chested compared to what I like and what I'm used to. Oh, and she loses points for dumping Macaulay Culkin for that dweeb Ashton Kutcher. But those lips and those eyes are more than enough to get my boxer-briefs off!

2. Britney Spears (Pop Singer) 

Hello Britney Spears! My first girl crush ever has still got it! I am such a huge Britney fan, and she may be the only blonde that I have on this list, but she’s one of the most important. Gorgeous in every way… love her big brown eyes. Screw the X factor, she has that “IT” factor!

Brian's Feedback: Really, Kristin? Really? Britney Spears? It's 2013! I haven't found Britney attractive since the Hit Me Baby One More Time video came out when I was like 10. I mean, okay, she's not ugly by any means, but she's just a generic pop star to me. Also, her lack of real musical talent makes me think less of her. If you're famous for singing, you should probably actually sing at your concerts, or at least write most of your own songs. Blonde hair, forgettable face, questionable talent. Boxer-briefs stay on!

1.       Zooey Deschanel (Actress)

Here is my #1 celebrity girl crush, along with I am sure many other women who feel the same as I do. Zooey is just too darn cute. Every girl wants to be her and every guy wants a piece of her! I adore everything she does. She has a gorgeous voice and her own quirky style & sense of humor that has won everyone, including me, over.
Brian's Response: Love me some Zooey Deschanel! If Katy Perry is number 1 on my list of hottest babes, Zooey is a close second. They're almost the same person except Katy got the better boobs and Zooey got the better personality. Her quirky style has made all of America fall in love (except for the jealous bitches), and her infectious smile makes both guys and girls weak in the knees. She's one of those rare celebrities that can have men drooling without having to dress like a whore, too. Bonus points for that! Boxer-briefs way, way off.


  1. "Basically a famous version of Kristin."


  2. Booberella approves!

  3. Love me some JGL! Just found your blog through 20sb and I'm following now!

    Driftwood and Daydreams

  4. Thanks lovely! You have a reader here. :-) I am going to check out your blog right after I write this!

    Love JGL as well! Thanks for finding me!


  5. I'll give you Emma Stone, Katy Perry, and Mila Kunis... Britney doesn't really move me one way or the other, and I'm not a big fan of Zooey Deschanel (though she is a cutie, she annoys me).

    Also, I think it's cute how you guys commented on each other's choices. :) Good idea for a post!

  6. LOL at Katy Perry being Zooey with bigger boobs...

    This was such a fun post, it's so interesting to see what other people define beauty or hotness as. I have to say, both of your #1's (Davey & Zooey) are two of my biggest crushes as well :)


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