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Top 10 Rock Gods of all Time

Yay, it's opinion Wednesday! I thought I'd associate opinion day with the shittiest day of the week, if that was okay with you guys. :)

Let's stir things up today with a little something I find incredibly interesting: Coked out of their mind Rockstars!

Now, before I get started on this list there is something that you all should know... this poll is not put together by any real polls, statistics or views from anyone other than me, myself, yours truly.

Hate mail can be sent directly to my asshole, i mean, if you're that angry.

Let's get started with the top 10 Rockstars of All Time, according to Kristin's Blog of Shenanigans (Which is the most accurate information in the world).

Not saying she's the best guitar player in the world because I know twelve year old's that can play better than her; however, SHE ROCKS HARD. Apparently she pee'd on a mans guitar once. If that isn't hardcore, then I don't know what is.

 I was going to put this little guy under my honorable mention list, but fuck that! Dio, the creator of the devil horns, is here to stay in our hearts forever. Rock on my little honey bunches of rainbows
Dio>Ozzy, any day of the week!

For anyone who is wondering "who the hell" this guy is, he would be the lead guitarist and one of the lead singers of the--ahem, my favorite band, Pink Floyd. Gilmour is an extremely talented guitarist, and is very underrated,  not a lot of people seem to know exactly who this talented man is. He is responsible for the fourth best guitar solo of all time (Comfortably Numb), according to Rolling Stone magazine.

Self explanatory. This guy does it all. From living like a refugee, to living like the mad hatter.

You're right. He is extremely over-rated. Many people can't decide weather this guy is a genius or just a straight up dumb ass. I personally loved Nirvana and all that they've done. Kurt Cobain was a great song writer, and I think that let alone was one of his only talents. He wasn't an amazing guitar  player or singer; however, he still pulled off being a great front man. Anyways, if you want to hate on this guy so much, then you might as well hate Bob Dylan too. The man was a great song writer, aaannnd that's about it.

Second best guitar player on this list. This mother fucker sure can play.

I never knew how talented Freddie Mercury was until I started to date my current boyfriend (who is a huge fan). The first (and unarguably best) front man of Queen, had the most angelic voice on the planet, dead or alive. He could put baby sparrows to sleep with those amazingly soothing vocal chords. Too bad there is a Crazy Little Thing Called Aids.

He's got electric boots, a mohair suit, you know I read it in a magazine.
You can ask any old timer. Elton John was the "it" guy back in the seventies, releasing hits such as "Benny and The Jets, and "Crocodile Rock". He is the only man I know that was balding way back in the 70's, and has a full head of hair now! Bring back those awesome glasses, Elton! I miss the sparkle suits!
Any guitar player that can successfully play songs such as "Eruption" or "Hot for Teacher" just like Eddie can- KUDOS to you! Unlike now, Eddie used to be a vibrant, always smiling and a full of charisma kind of man, who could hop around like a God damn bunny rabbit, yet not miss one single note. Hands down the best guitar player on this list! Or on any list, for that matter.

I chose this fucking weirdo as my number one spot, because not only was he the front man (arguably) for the most successful band on the planet, but I liked his solo work even better. "Instant Karma" and "Imagine" still are rock anthems to many people til this day. Not only was he an all around great musician (specializing in piano and guitar), but he is also the original LADY GAGA.  I mean, look at the guy. He can put a stethoscope to the brick ground, trying to get a heartbeat out of it and it still looks so cool! Or just idiotic. Either way, he accomplished more in his brief lifetime than a lot of people would in a full lifetime. John for the win!


These are my top 10 Rock Gods of all time. Yes, they are in my favor, but don't think of me as being completely selfish, because if i was, Elton John would probably be number one, and David Gilmour would be not too far after that.


Fat Elvis



Who is this lovely lady, may you ask? She is responsible for making my blog look prettier! She made the banner at the very top of the page.  So a very special thank you to her! :)

I hope you enjoyed my list. Now, I will all leave you with this.

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