Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Pro Wrestling Project

Alright, how about a second blog post?

Since my blog has a pretty small foundation so far, I thought I’d try basing some of the information on myself while I can. Plus, I love talking about myself, who doesn’t.

I thought I’d talk a little bit about my wrestling career that I perused out of nine years out of my life.
Out of all of the accomplishments in my life, trust me, wrestling was definitely not the biggest one. In fact, I’ve adopted quite a few nicknames along the way such as trailer trash, whore, floozy, no good piece of shit and my personal favorite, hairless little c*nt.

Wrestling was indeed a very good time, except when I had to listen to middle aged men/women who still believed in the Toothfairy talk about how much of a respected sport that it is.

Below is a little collection of pictures from the good (and ugly) times. 

 Let's start off with the fact that I got to do really cool flippiedoo things. Granted, I probably hurt a lot of people along the way, including myself. But it was well worth it. 

With all the flippiedoo's and hard falls, came injuries such as bumps and bruises. This specific bump was from a flying pterodactyl. Damn dinosaur.

Ah, sometimes I almost died. This is pretty much the injury that ended my wrestling career. However, rest assure, I got my groove back.

The one thing I loved about wrestling is all the people that I got the meet along the way, including a psychopathic man who killed his whole family, as well as himself (he was just a barrel of laughs).

Can't forget about the time that I met Andre The Giant with the girls, way back in 1978. 

Alright, alright. On to more realistic things like wrestling midgets in a very empty dome.

Speaking of wrestling in front of no people, how dumb was I?

Here is one of my finer accomplishments, having a two page feature in WWE Magazine back in 2006.

Here I am bragging about being in WWE Magazine.

Here is a fan that couldn't resist himself from writing my name in magic marker across his chest.

One thing I loved about wrestling was that it was a great anger outlet. I loved slapping people as hard as I could, even if I liked them.

I got to go to White Castle for the first time on my way home from a wrestling roadtrip.
It was God damn delicious, too.

The best thing about wrestling was not the wrestling, not really the people, not really the indecisive fans that still believed in the toothfairy, but indeed the travels and roadtrips. And all the boobs that I got to see along the way.

If it was not for wrestling, I would not be the person that I am today. However, ironic as it is, I am glad that I am not the person that I was when I wrestled. I am a much stronger person now. That will be for a completely different blog post though. I'll leave you all with this. 

The one thing I will always remember about wrestling is the fact that I could act whatever age that I wanted, do whatever I wanted, and "be" whoever I wanted- and it was totally acceptable.


  1. I always wanted the nickname of "floozy". You're lucky!

  2. You just became my favorite person. I totally need to make a post like this in one of my blogs.

  3. I know i am a very lucky girl haha, a girl only dreams all her life to be called a floozy!

    Jeny- i knew you'd like it!!! :) i specifically directly linked you on fb i knew that you'd like it that much.


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