Saturday, November 9, 2013

Kristin's Blog of Shenanigans: Wedding Edition, COMING SOON!!!!


So I've decided to record my journey, all the way up until my WEDDING! And I will be doing it right on my blog, instead of making a brand new one. It will be a SPECIAL EDITION: A WEDDING EDITION!

I am so excited and cannot WAIT to start planning my wedding. You know, yadda yadda... it's what every girl dreams of since she was a little girl, blah blah. So get ready for wedding EVERYTHING on this blog! 

A little back story on how he proposed:

Yup, you've guessed right. Well, almost. It was the weekend before Halloween (my favorite day of the year). We had gone home to Schenectady (near Albany), where I am originally from to see friends and family. We were getting ready to go out (I was Snow White, and he was Prince Charming). Well, he REALLY did propose in his Price Charming costume! It was the cutest thing ever and the best moment of my life thus far. I of course said yes, and I got to share it with my friends and family right away, WHICH MEANT THE WORLD TO ME!!!! 

Anyways, get ready for the new Edition soon. It's coming...
New banners and look to follow, as well.


  1. That's awesome! Congratulations on netting your very own Prince Charming. Marriage is pretty great. You get to be fully honest, shockingly so, with another person who will give you all the same. Like having your brain out there all naked and trusting. That's something hard to come by. And outside of Lois Lane, who gets proposed to by a dude in a cape? Those are some bragging rights.


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