Friday, July 19, 2013

Fashion Friday: Put together a quick summer look. Easy & affordable!


 How to Put Together a Quick Summer Look that's Easy & Affordable.

Because it's summer, you may want to brighten your face up a little bit with a bright pink or red. I chose a red from the Maybelline collection. Wearing makeup on a scorching hot day can be extremely uncomfortable, so I skipped putting the foundation on, or if I do I just use a light mineral powder by Physician's Formula. All I have on here is eye liner on my top lids and only half way across my water line. I also have a good reliable lipstick on and filled in my eyebrows.

I chose to wear a red floral romper that I purchased at Target during the spring time.  I'm wearing my over the shoulder mustered colored handbag for an accent appearance. Not much is required for this look. It's easy to slip on and comfortable in 90 degree weather.

If your like me and can't afford to get pedicures or manicures on a regular basis, you just do them yourself! I did this homemade manicure and double coated it with a clear concealer because it's summer and I know I'm going to be bare foot whenever possible. :-) All this takes is scotch tape, white polish, light pink polish and a clear coater. I cut the scotch tape into moon crescents and when my pink polish dries I apply the white tip. It's easy squeezy!

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  1. NICE SHOES! That reminds me, I've really gotta get a nice pair of heels soon. KG sale, here I come...

    N I C O L A
    @ohsokitsch #osk

  2. Ahhhhh! Feet! FEEEEEEEET! Sorry, I have a foot-phobia which I'm sure there's a term for but I'm way too lazy to look it up.

  3. love that red top! Checkout my blog if you get a moment, and follow if you like!


    A Pop of Style

  4. those mint green heels....
    I need them in my life! nice post!



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