Monday, May 6, 2013

Home is where the heart is.

Went home this weekend and got to see my family. As some people know on my blog, I moved to Rochester New York, 4 fours away from my home and family in Albany New York. I went home for my oldest niece's holy communion. Yes, I am an agnostic and yes, I was in church. I was there for my niece because I know how important it was for her and I love her dearly. I had a blast seeing my family. Here are some photos of my time in Schenectady.

*CREDIT* Some of these were taken off of my brother's page and sister in law's cousin's page. The rest of the photos are mine.

Me, my boyfriend Brian and my niece Bryana on her special day.

Me, my boyfriend Brian and my God Daughter and niece, Gionna.

My crazy, beautiful family.

My brother Bruce's beautiful family. One nephew and three nieces. I couldn't ask for a better clan. Love them to pieces! 

My parents and very proud grandparents. I love them. <3

Beautiful girl on a beautiful day. <3

My girls. I love being with these two. I can't wait til they grow older and our relationship and friendships grow stronger. They will forever be my lovies!

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  1. Such beautiful pictures <3.
    Where you live looks lovely!

    Kelly ||


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