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20 Reasons Why Freddie Mercury is better than God, Sex & Chocolate... combined.


This blog entry is dedicated to one of my favorite famous figures of all time. My love grew deeper for this unique and talented man when I met my boyfriend, Brian Delaney, at the ripe age of 18 (he was 16). In 2007, my life changed  forever when Brian invited me to go with him to Toronto to see the Queen musical “We Will Rock You.” I was seriously hooked from that point on. Recently, I’ve been reading biographies and watching concert DVDs of Queen, and am proud to say I’m becoming a pretty swell Freddie expert!
 So without further ado, here is my list of 20 reasons why Freddie Mercury is basically the most bad ass mother fucker that ever lived. Let’s start.

      1) He works hard... everyday of his life. He works til he aches his bones.

2) Freddie was a well versed musician, specializing in piano. 

3) Freddie Mercury’s real name was Farroakh Bulsara; however he legally changed his name around 1970 when Queen shaped. Best decision ever.

4) He was an extremely talented artist, and even went to art school to pursue something in that field. He also hand designed the Queen’s emblem himself. 

5) Freddie had a range of four octaves. This is very impressive. He had a bigger octave range than powerhouses such as Whitney Houstin and Christina Aguilera.

6) He loved cats and even wrote a song for his cat Delilah. 

7) Although Freddie was well known for his homosexuality and was very into men sexually, he had a soft side for women and connected with them much easier. 

8) He had a relationship with a woman named Mary Austin in the 70’s for several years; however in the midst of their relationship he realized he liked men, which ended their love affair. Freddie did publicly admit to the world that no man could ever compare to how in love he was with Mary Austin.  They remained the greatest of friends until he died. He also left his whole estate, and most of his fortunes to her.

9) The song “Love of My Life” was written By Freddie, for Mary Austin.

10) Freddie is the God Father of Mary Austin’s oldest son, Richard.

11) Although Freddie was very known for his outrageous flamboyance on stage, he was actually a very shy man to anyone who knew him personally, stating in one of the few interviews he’d actually done:I can be very vulnerable, a real baby” .

12) Freddie is from Zanzibar, located in Asia, and is of Indian decent. In later years, you can’t really tell his ethnicity; however in childhood photos it’s pretty apparent.

13) Freddie had an awfully, uncomfortable looking overbite,however he insisted on not fixing his teeth because he was worried that it would affect  his voice. 

14) Freddie wrote the song “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” while he was in the bath tub. No big deal.

15) Freddie was a huge fan of Jimi Hendrix, mentioning him in several interviews and even one of Queen’s songs "The Miracle". 

16) Freddie was collaborating with Michael Jackson on a few songs but they never really finished. Apparently, Michael walked in on Freddie doing cocaine in the bathroom and asked him to leave. Michael Jackson ruined the best thing that could have ever happened to him.

17) Queen’s epic song “Bohemian Rhapsody” was written by ours truly; however, he claims the middle opera section is complete gibberish and has no meaning what so ever.

18) Freddie was infected with HIV virus in 1987, and died of AIDS in 1991. Freddie was a very private and shy man, so he didn’t tell the public about his sickness until the day before he died (although it was very obvious as he got closer to death). It was said that he did it to protect himself, as well his loved ones.

19) Freddie was an active musician for a long time after he was infected. Even when he began to get really sick, Queen had still made albums; however they never toured again.

20) During recording the song “The Show Must Go On”, a very sick Freddie had a rough time trying to finish the song. The guys of Queen suggested that he could continue at a better time when he was feeling better. Right then and there, Freddie downed a bottle of Vodka and finished the song.

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