Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Super Duper 26th Birthday!

Hello readers! Guess what? I'm back!
The semester is over and I plan on writing a hell of a lot this next month. So expect tons and tons of ramblings from me!

How is everyone doing before the holidays? If you're in school, how did you do? I didn't get my final grades back but I may have just broke my straight A reign this semester! Bummer! If I get any other grade other than an A, it will be in ASL 2. But no worries, it won't be anything lower than a B. I understand that is a good grade to some people, and it is to me too! However, I am my own worst critic.

As for the holidays, what holidays?! My birthday just passed! It is always a week before Christmas, so not only do I get to enjoy "the most wonderful time of the year", but- I really REALLY get to enjoy it! My boyfriend ended up getting me Roger Water tickets performing "The Wall". For those who do not know who that is, he is the lead singer of Pink Floyd! My favorite band. So as you understand, I am very stoked!

Alright folks, I just wanted to update you on life and let you all know that this site will be picking up soon just like it once was. I am determined to make that happen!!! I will leave you with pictures of my Birthday, where I went to the Rochester Museum of Play. And boy did I play!

Big Bird!

 Sunny Days!

 I'm small!

 I'm big!!!

Brian in the football exhibit

Pictures from The Butterfly Exhibit


  1. Happy birthday! I'd do the whole birthday song but I don't want to get sued (someone has that trademarked).
    Congrats on surviving finals, and there's nothing wrong with the occasional B.
    I want to go to the Rochester museum of play. You got to hang out on Sesame Street! It's like hanging out in my childhood memories!
    Good to see you're back.

  2. O' great! What's big plan for 2012 ? Have fun !


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