Friday, August 19, 2011

A Chupacabra?

So I was doing my usual daily internet surfing when I came across this fine piece of news.

Now I am no Chupacabra expert here, but I could swear that this looks like nothing of the least when it comes to the goat sucking, fantasy-like creature. In fact, this thing is kind of cute. I kind of want to take it home and feed it dog treats and name it something cool like David Bowie, or Bowzer. I want to cuddle with this thing and buy it a leash so that I can take it out on walks with me. I have been begging my boyfriend for a dog lately. I've always wanted an English Bulldog, but this would do.

At first, I thought it may just be a Kangaroo, but apparently there have been sightings of this animal in America. My boyfriend insists that it is a rare breed of some sort of dog...and I think he's right.

And the thing has a rat tail! What the hell? But it's still kind of adorable.
It most certainly doesn't look anything like this:

Poor goat.

What type of breed or animal do you think the "Captured Chupacabra" comes from?

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