Monday, July 18, 2011

Top 10 Guilty Pleasures

So let me just start off my saying that I decided to take an unannounced break away from the blog for a while. No reason really.  However, with school approaching again, I thought I'd start to write again. Especially since I am going for the win and going to attempt to join my school's paper this semester! God help us all!

In this blog, I originally wanted to conduct a couple interviews; however that happens to be taking more time than I thought. I've gone along and done another blog entry about something else that I wanted to talk about. You know, things you just cannot get enough of. From listening to Justin Bieber to secretly weeping to Stealing Magnolias.We are talking about our most guilty pleasures of course.

Alright, let's get it on.

                                                    TOP 10 GUILTY PLEASURES 

Eating like a pregnant chick.

I can't say we all do this one, but I can try, right? We all find the most disgusting combination of foods and eat them all at once, and mine is chocolate and chips. Not chocolate chips, and not just chips. Chocolate AND chips! Let's be serious, if you haven't tried it- you better start now before you metabolism slows down even more. I dropped this disgusting habit when I moved in with my boyfriend because I didn't want to make a pig out of myself by showing him what I'm really capable of. 

Reading Tabloids

Tabloids have been one of my top guilty pleasures pretty much ever since I was born. Whether they happen to be telling the truth or not, I tend to notice that my life is in much better shape when I am watching Jennifer Aniston’s life fall apart, or when I’m reading about Heidi Spencer’s horrific breast implants.  And I love, I repeat LOVE celebrity couples! Who doesn’t?  I strive to know whose ass John Mayer is tapping next. Not to mention, I get really cheap thrills when the most ridiculous celebrities hook up. Ben and J-Lo forever.
When I had a ridiculously boring telephone job booking horse bets a few years ago, I used to invest so much of my hard earned money into those damn tabloids.  In hindsight, I really wish that I would have saved all of that money and put it towards my rent this month.

Taking Facebook pictures of yourself... with ducklips.

We all know that we are guilty of this one; especially the females. I know that I cannot stop making that quacking ridiculous face that at the time, think will enhance my physical appearance. That is up until I post it on my Facebook wall and realize that I look like none other than a duck. Seriously, where did this phenomenon come from? I want to know so that I can thank them for making me look like Daffy.  Duck you!

Thinking way too much about your non-existent wedding. 

 I think being an over emotional basket case of a female never helped me out any; however, when I fell in love for the first time, the thought of a wedding in the distant future didn’t seem so painful anymore. I think that this pathetic syndrome carries over into adult hood, from child hood. When I was a little girl, I used to make my friends dress up like grooms and I’d be the bride, holding a stock of my mother’s celery. I’d walk down the street with that shit, but I’d never eat it. These days, I am no longer making my friends play ‘wedding’ with me; however, I do think about the sorry son of a bitch that has to marry me, and I hope to God he has a lot of money and likes to give foot rubs.

Playing Dress up

Some people may be asking me right about now, “Um, you still play dress up?” And my answer to that is "Duh, don't you?"
I like to call it ‘getting ready to go no where’ these days. Let’s face it, I live four hours from my friends and family. I don’t have many people to see- but when I do, at least I look pretty. Sometimes.

Watching teen shows and wishing your life was just like them.

I am very guilty of this one! Especially watching the original Beverly Hills 90210; I am a huge fan. I know many full grown woman (and men, for that matter) who still watch these cheesy TV shows. And all I have to say to you is- SHAME ON YOU. Do you not have any grasp on reality at all? Your boyfriend will never be a vampire, and there most certainly is no such thing as a Dylan Mckay. Stop watching these horrible shows, it's because of these you are 25 years old, still in school and have absolutely NO GRASP on reality what so ever! You could of been somebody. Shit, I'm talking about myself again. What would Brenda do?

Hanging Out With Your Parents

I can’t figure out if this one is just me, or if everyone secretly thinks they’re parents are the coolest people in the world. Moving four hours away definitely made my love grow even more for my parents; however, even before I lived so far from them- I was still hanging out with them from time to time just like I would with a normal friend.  Minus the law breaking.

Singing Tunes In Your Car

I think that the first time I realized that I had a horrific, tone deaf and unacceptable voice was when I went on a road trip- just a little four hour drive to my friends house. Not only did I realize that I couldn't sing worth shit, but I also realized I should probably quit smoking all of the time (I quit a year ago!). In between hacking my brains out and singing tunes like "Walk This Way" - I made my way from Albany, N.Y. to Providence, R.I. sounding like a garbage truck.

Facebook Stalking

For the record, I don’t do this one often! Just kidding. How else are you supposed to keep tabs on people you hate? Thank God for social networking, eh? Unfortunately for this guilty pleasure, it has a certain stigma attached to it because of the word “stalker” in it. Come on! It’s barely stalking, especially if the profile is private!

Harry Potter

I chose Harry Potter as my number one guilty pleasure for a couple reasons. It’s not that I am ashamed to like Harry Potter- because I’m not. The fact that it's last movie "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2" grossed $476 during its opening weekend is saying something along the lines of… Who isn’t into Harry Potter? Anyway, thanks to my boyfriend whom is a huge Harry Potter fan, I became one too.  Not the books though. I haven’t read any of those. I can watch a movie about an 11 year old wizard, but when you ask me to read seven books about one- forget it. So let’s call this guilty pleasure “Fans of Harry Potter that haven’t actually read the books”. 

Alright, that's it for the Top Ten Guilty Pleasures- and they happen to be all mine. What are YOUR guilty pleasures? Share if you dare. ;-) Comment below!

 Here is a short video of my friend  and I indulging in some of our most guilty pleasures.


  1. My guilty pleasure is watching iCarly. There I said it. I like to watch iCarly.

    And if you think chips and chocolate is good, try dipping chips in maple syrup. It'll change your life.

  2. Hey, chips and chocolate isn't gross. :) It's quite yummy and lots of people eat it!

    lol @ at the 80's hair in the #4 pic!!

    Well, I've looked over some of your posts and they're entertaining. :) Looks like you enjoy yourself when you put these together.

    Happy Writing (and reading, if you do read my story. :) It's just now starting to pic up some serious steam.

    Thanks for checking out my site.


  3. iCarly is awesome! AWESOME guilty pleasure if you ask me!

    And thank you Hannahrose! I will try to keep them coming and interesting. Happy writing to you too :)

  4. I eat popcorn and SnoCaps. The sweet/salty combination is the best thing of life. I'm a choco-holic and so I have to comment on anything about chocolate. Naturally. :)


  5. Hey! This post is brilliant. It really made me giggle by how honest you are! :) Your blog is lovely too, especially the background and the banner. Spot on! :)

  6. Hey I was a little late on the ftlob comment love and ended up reading a load of your blog. Just had to comment on this one and say -

    white chocolate and salt & vinegar crisps


  7. What?! Haven't read the Harry Potter books? Then you've missed half the fun. There's a ton of stuff that never made it into the movies. Good god, woman, get an audiobook! ;)


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